Microsoft translator – How to Use the Microsoft Translator App Web and Api

Microsoft Translator is the making waves is fixing the difficulties occasioned by multi-language. According to Microsoft translator official website, the stated that:

“Microsoft Translator Breaking the language barrier at home, at work, anywhere you need it”

Obviously, the move by Microsoft is a grand breaking one. However, you will agree with me that Microsoft isn’t the first to introduce a translator! So the question is what then is unique about this Microsoft Translator?

The answer to the above question lies in this article. We shall not only going to be discussing the the uniqueness of this translator but we shall also be be teaching you the following things:

  1. How it works and how to use use it.
  2. The pricing structure of the Translator
  3. How to set up the Web, App and Api component of the translator

So if this looks like what you are looking for, then we advice to hang on and finish this article to the end. It promises to be engaging!

Microsoft translator

What is the Microsoft Translator?

The Microsoft Translator is a multilingual translation cloud service offered by Microsoft. The Translator basically provides text and voiced translation by the use of their premium cloud services.

Not However, that for text translation through their Translator Text API cost ranges from a free tier supporting two million characters per month to paid tiers supporting billions of characters per month. While Speech translation through the Microsoft Speech services is offered based on time of the audio stream. We shall discuss their pricing structure later!

How many Language those the the Translator supports

Currently as of August 2020, the translator is available in 73 language systems. We hope that this statistics keep growing.  More so, the Translator supports 11 speech translation systems. This is now powering the Microsoft Translator live conversation feature, Skype Translator, and Skype for Windows Desktop, and the Microsoft Translator Apps for iOS and Android.

Furthermore, the translator has access and seeming connection  across various clients, professional developers, and companies etc. Among these connections inludes the following:

  • iBing
  • Microsoft Office
  • SharePoint
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Microsoft Lync
  • Yammer, Skype Translator
  • Visual Studio
  • Internet Explorer,

The means that you could easily use the services across the above product and lot more easily.

You should also note that the Translator also comes as an Apps for Windows, Windows Phone, iPhone and Apple Watch, and Android phone and Android Wear etc.

Hot to Use the Microsoft Translator – How does it work?

The translator has three basic steps to getting it running an they are categorized into Start, Share, Speak.

  1. Click on “Start conversation”, log in and enter your name and language.
  2. Share the conversation code with other participants, who can join using the Translator app or website.
  3. Speak or type in your language to communicate with other participants in the conversation. Other participants will see your messages in their own language.

Furthermore, In this stage, we shall be discussing how the Microsofts’s translator works. We shall be showing you

  • How to Start a Conversation
  • How to Join a Conversation
  • Way of Translating Speeches
  • How to translate text

How Do I  Start a Conversation

  • To easily start a conversation, Login and click the Conversation tab
  • Click on “Start Conversation”
  • Enter your name and language in the column provided
  • Your conversation will appear, with a 5-letter conversation code and a QR code.
  • Share the code with the people you wish to communicate with. All they need do is to join the conversation by scanning this code, or manually entering the code from their device.
  • Finally, the live conversation will appear inline

After you have completed the process above, you can go ahead and greet anyone with your own language regardless of the language they speak.

How Do I Join a Conversation?

If another person have started a conversation and gives you a code, you can join the conversation by following the guides below:

  • Click the Conversation tab
  • Join a conversation by entering the conversation code
  • Enter your name and language
  • Your conversation will appear. You can press and hold Ctrl + Spacebar to speak, or type a message.

How Do Translate speech

To translate speech, kindly follow the guides below:

  • Click the Translate tab
  • Select the Voice menu
  • Choose the language you are speaking, and the language you want to translate to. Click here to know if your language is supported for voice translation.
  • Click the microphone button, or Ctrl+Spacebar, and say something
  • Thereafter, your words will be transcribed on the left, and the translation on the right.

How to Translate Text

To translate text, kindly follow the steps below:

  • Enter the text you want to translate in the box on the left
  • Verify and make sure that  the language of your text is correct
  • Or you can turn on the Auto-Detect Feature: If Auto-Detect is selected, Translator attempts to determine the language automatically. In short texts, there is sometimes not enough information to detect the correct language. In that case please
  • You could easily choose the source language manually.
  • Choose the language you want to translate to on the right.

If that is done correctly, the translated text will appear in the box on the right.

Finally, we would want to share some of the translator features to you.

How to Sign up for Translator

The process of signing up is quite easy and straight forward. Kindly follow this guide ti get started.

The to start using the services, you will have to create a free account at no charge. Note that the free plan gives you 12 months free services. Ones this ends, you will have to buy and pay for the service.

  • Go to
  • Click on Start Free link (You will be redirected to a page where you will sign up that looks like this)
  • Click on the create one link
  • Thereafter, carefully follow the simple guides to continue.

Microsoft translator create account page

Furthermore, if you Already have an account? just click on the  Sign in link to login to your account immediately.

What are the Features of the Text Translation

  • Listen to the translation: Hear a playback of the translation (Text-To-Speech technology)
  • Learn more: Highlight any word and click “Dictionary” to look up the word’s possible translations. View example sentences in both languages to decide which translation works best given your particular context.
  • Pin translations to view later within your History tab.
  • Save the translations to a text file.
  • Lastly, Share translations through email, or any other Windows 10 apps such as OneNote, Skype, Twitter, etc.

Things you should note while signing up for the Microsoft Translator

  • Each subscription has a free tier. The free tier has the same features and functionalities as the paid plans and doesn’t expire.
  • You are only allowed to manage only one free subscription for your account.
  • When you sign up for Translator, you get a personalized authentication key unique to your subscription. This authentication key is required on each time you wish to use the Translator.
  • In case you lost access to your Authorization key, You can retrieve your authentication key by first selecting the appropriate subscription.
  • Select Keys in the Resource Management section of your subscription’s details.
  • Thereafter. you could just copy either of the keys listed for your subscription and keep them safe.

What are Other Additional Resources You May Need

Is the Microsoft Translator app free?

Note that the the Microsoft Translator Services is offered free of charge. However, if you interested in using the Microsoft Translator API for business, kindly visit their business solution page for more guide and pricing.

How to Download the App for Android IOS and Windows Device

You could download the translator following device. All you need to do is to click on you device type or icon and continue from their. The steps quiet easy and straight forward from there.

  1. Android,
  2. Amazon,
  3. iOS,
  4. Windows
  5. and Powerpoint

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