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Brief Overview of Employment at Microsoft

How to Write Resume & Cover Letter for Job at Microsoft | Microsoft is an established name in the technological industry especially as it relates to software programming and cloud computing. In the year 2019, Microsoft was rated by Glassdoor as one of the best place in the world. In Microsoft, you are sure of no racial discrimination or discrimination of any kind. Basically, the company has been certified as discrimination free organisation. This can bee seen in the number of programs and offers organised for different races all in a bid to make them happy and cheer up their team spirit.

According to the Microsoft’s culture, they insist that “Microsoft is unique; not just within the tech industry. But because, at Microsoft, smart people thrive on their own terms and push their intelligence to its limit.” There are more to get in Microsoft as an employee.

Like the old saying goes, to whom much is given, much is expected. It goes without saying that Microsoft offers lots of advantages to her employees. Hence, i would love to say that getting a job at Microsoft is not an easy deal. This because there are lots of things to consider starting from form your team attitude and Application letter.

On this article, our main goal is to, is to guide you on How to Write Resume & Cover Letter for Job at Microsoft. Thus, this article promises to be detailed yet straight to the point.

How to Write Resume & Cover Letter for Job at Microsoft

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How to Apply for a Job at Microsoft

Before we delve into How to Write Resume & Cover Letter for Job at Microsoft, let quickly discuss how to apply for a job at Microsoft briefly.

  1. The first step is to visit Microsoft’s profile on Glassdoor.
  2. That is where you can view its current openings.
  3. If you find a job for which you’d like to apply, you can click the “Apply Now” button on the job listing page.
  4. You will immediately be redirected to Microsoft’s site.  That is where you can read specific instructions on how to apply and what to include in your application.
  5. More so, after you have submitted your application, it will be reviewed by a Microsoft recruiter.
  6. If you’re a fit for the position, that recruiter will be in touch.

Note further, that if you’re not contacted for the job you applied for, you may be contacted for other job opportunities at Microsoft later on Microsoft says.

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How to Write Resume & Cover Letter for Job at Microsoft

Your goal as a person seeking employment at Microsoft is grab the attention of your recruiter’s using your resume and cover letter. To help you achieve this, we have carefully  organised tips to make your dream a reality. Carefully note the following tips:

  1. Microsoft on its website encourages applicant to Highlight their Accomplishments in previous jobs. The company do not want to know about your job description, they want to see any of past projects of which you’re proud. Microsoft encourages you to include them with your other documents. (You could learn more using the link here.)
  2. Your Resume should be as brief as possible yet very detailed. Although Microsoft says it’s OK to use more than one page. However, it is not an offer to flood your resume with unnecessary data.
  3. We sincerely advice you to make sure that your summaries are succinct and relevant and that your vital information figures prominently on the first page.
  4. Finally, it is on your Cover Letter, that you will show Microsoft that you are the right man for the job. You must proof to Microsoft  that you have a strong desire to learn, a passion for technology and good team spirit.The above details show reflect very well in your Cover Letter.

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What are the Resume & Cover Letter Resources You Need?

What are the Tip for Getting Hired at Microsoft

There are certain things you should have at your finger tip while seeking for job at Microsoft. In this phase of this article, we have carefully detailed them for you. If you are able to apply them, we sure of success stories.

  1. Make your Application:  The best place to start is to Apply for a role you’re interested in. Thereafter, create a profile to help Microsoft steer you in the right direction. This is to give their recruiters insight into your interests and experiences.

  2. Do your Due Diligence:  To be selected, you must understand the position you are opting for. You should be able to have a high-level understanding of Microsoft as a business.

  3. Have an Idea of What you Want:  The most valuable candidate will think outside the box and have a vision beyond the role they’re applying for. This vision extends to where they want to grow within Microsoft. Read about different career paths by visiting Microsoft Life.

  4. Have A Good Team Spirit:  Be prepared to answer questions related to professional relationships you maintained with former supervisors and colleagues.

  5. Passion and Qualities Required at Microsoft:  Some persons have been asking us the required passion to make one successful at Microsoft. The truth is that Microsoft is desirous of employees with readiness to learn, with a strong passion for technology. Once you demonstrate the above in your resume, you are a good start ahead.

  6. Be Unique and Be Yourself:  At Microsoft, you are expected to be yourself. They expect authenticity and a unique perspective. According to Microsoft, “We invite you to come as you are”

  7. Follow Technological Trends:  Furthermore, to be successful, you need to be current with technological trends. This means you need to be aware of the direction the tech industry is moving. This is better if you hav been following what Microsoft is doing.

  8. Finally, Stay Connected with Microsoft: It is a good thing if you stay connected with Microsoft by following them on their various social media platform.

Finally, thank you so much for reading this article today on How to Write Resume & Cover Letter for Job at Microsoft. Lastly, we do hope he that you found this article very helpful. For more information, kindly use the comment box below and get to us.

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